Two postings in one day…

It’s like a two for one sale!

So I read this article recently, this one:, and it really made me question whether I really wanted to pursue being a published author. The Reader’s Digest version of the article is this: publisher and readers are putting more pressure on authors to put out material in a more rapid fashion. According to the article, the popularity of ebooks and reading devices has created a higher demand on authors… not necessarily an altogether bad thing; however, the article goes on to say that readers want more access to the author via social media and that they want a sense of ownership over the author’s work — the readers want to feel like they have some kind of say, that they can influence the outcome of the author’s efforts.

Whoa there Bucky, now hold on just one God damned minute. I would love to build a base of readers who enjoy my stories, but I’m making one simple and plain declarative right now: I’m the boss around these here parts… keep that firmly in mind please. I’ll write the stories and you, potential reader, will read the stories… it’s a time-honored arrangement that has been working for a very long time. Two books a year is not that bad of a deal, and I think I can keep up that end of the bargain, but your contribution to this will be to use your imagination to participate in the fiction dream — you need not expend any more effort than that. Deal? Shake on it? Groovy.


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