Another Tool of the Trade…

I’m still reeling a bit from hitting the halfway mark, and I’m supposed to be taking a couple of days off for making progress (and because it’s a holiday weekend); however, I scored a little something that I”m actually a bit excited about: a Logitech K400 wireless touch keyboard.  If you compose on a laptop you know why I bought a keyboard.  My HP laptop has a nice keyboard, but typing on a laptop keyboard for an extended amount of time can get really painful after a while… especially if, like me, you have some kind of repetitive motion injury.

Now this is a small keyboard that I can put on my lap, or on a board, or on a cushion (like right now) — I can sit back, I can stretch out, I can move around and still type away… I can belly down on the floor with it; I can take it to he kitchen table while I eat (I’m 100% sure my wife would not appreciate that)… you get the point, and that is: anything to make writing more comfortable.

It’s important, I can’t stress it enough: if you are going to write on a computer (even if, like me, you are doing it mostly for fun) you should do what you can to make it as comfortable and enjoyable an experience as possible.  Suffer for your art intellectually, not physically… once you jack up your hands, they don’t come back… and surgery is expensive, so that means it’s best avoided.  Little tools like this are an investment in your ability to keep creating, and they’re not particularly expensive… I paid around $40 for this little thing, and I’m already seeing a return on my investment.

Okay, so I’m officially off for the next two days (I have to work tomorrow… the real job, but that doesn’t count… the break is from writing), and tomorrow my wife and I are headed to Austin to see Sparta in concert.  Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, and don’t forget to take a moment to honor those who died protecting our freedom; raise a glass and toast.  Cheers!


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