Moving… Moved.

I wanted to post just a quick note to let everyone know (all two of you… Hi Leigh… and anyone else who reads but does not follow) that The Write Experience is moving… well, rather that it’s moved. This is not a spot decision; I’ve been eyeing a WordPress hosted blog for some time now and most likely will upgrade this to a hosted website, powered by WordPress, sometime in the near future — my brother is web designer (how lucky can a guy get?) and I’ll most likely draft him into helping make that website/blog look real purty…

I like Blogger, and the decision to leave it behind was not an easy one… it’s very convenient to have a blog attached to my Google account, and I’m giving up Google+ integration to relocate to WordPress; however, this here was instrumental in my decision to change blog hosts:

Ad invasion
Invasive ads on the Dashboard fail to amuse me…

The ad above actually occludes part of the Dashboard in Blogger… and that turned out to be a bit disappointing… once I had a flying watermelon moving back and forth across the screen while I wrote, and another time I had an animated, flabby belly that would shrink and grow and shrink and grow repeatedly on the screen.  Did I complain to Blogger?  Nah, what for?  They ought to know better than to permit ads like that to ruin their interface.  Granted the new Dashboard is fresh out of beta, but since I was already contemplating the move… well, they just helped me make my decision.

This blog will eventually move again, but that will be to its own site with its own domain which I will have control over, and then I won’t have to worry about annoying ass ads unless I get hacked.  I’ll most likely cross-post between the two blogs at least one or two more times.  Nothing about the format will change; I’ll continue to document my progress on this novel and anything else I write afterward, including my progress and participation in NaNoWriMo and any other silly shit that comes up along the way.

If you read my blog, thanks — I hope you continue with me; if you don’t read my blog, shame on you — in the near future there will be a news story about a guy who went berserk and then spontaneously combusted, and if you don’t start reading my blog now you won’t be able to tell people later that you used to read that nut-job’s rants before he got fail-famous.  C’mon, be a pal.



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