In Case I Hadn’t Mentioned It… Friday is Blog Day

Greetings internet dwellers,

I work full time and write part time, and most of my writing time is devoted to working on my novel. This means that I have to be very frugal with my time… I have a wife and kids who like to see me occasionally too, and that makes for a wide range of obligations which, of course, does not include the extended family and friends. Anyway, the point being that I post new content to the blog on Fridays. I appreciate all readers and followers (I don’t think I have any of these yet here on WordPress), and I wanted to let you all know (particularly the casual readers who stumble in here by accident) that new blog material appears on Friday (I’ll add this fact to the About page). I try to stick to this schedule like clockwork, it’s like an assignment I’ve given myself since I neglected my blogging for a while. Hopefully you will find my posts amusing enough to keep coming back.



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