Quick Update, and See You Next Week

Here’s the view from the back end:

NaNoWriMo Dashboard view

Sorry the screen capture utility I have in my browser doesn’t seem to be working, so I used the camera on my phone.

And this one is from inside Scrivener, the project counter from which I extract my stats:

Scrivener project tracker

No picture means it didn’t happen, is what they say… this is my proof pudding.  That’s actual novel-in-progress behind the little window, by the way.

I’ve been banging along pretty well, with only a few rough spots in the early parts of the project that will definitely end up on the cutting room floor — editorial chaff, as it were.  Right now this is coming out as story for story’s sake, and any artistic flourish is being left for after the project is done.  I’ve also encountered a couple of instances of technical difficulty — my wireless keyboard has freaked out on me twice so far, and will probably end up getting replaced in favor of a better quality keyboard before long… you get what you pay for.   Anyhoot, I wanted to break 25,000 words before I left for my mini-vacay, and I’ve accomplished that… I can now officially chill for the next three days, and enjoy myself.  Even with the break, I expect I will be done ahead of schedule, and that means more time to spend with the family during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Next post next Friday, fo-shizzle.  The newest episode of StoryBoard aired and I haven’t had an opportunity to watch it because of NaNoWriMo, but I’ll watch it soon and do a recap when I get chance.




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