Bots, Be Gone!

I don’t know what kind of an effect this is going to have… most likely, none.  It’s worth a try, though, so here it goes:

I DO NOT FOLLOW BACK SPAMBOTS! (apologies for the breach of netiquette there…)

Okay, I got that off my chest. 

Further, I don’t care for junk mail or any other kind of bot-generated trash.  I’m sure your service is great; I’m sure your formula for multi-millionaire-hood is entirely foolproof and above the board; I’m sure you could help me stay harder for longer; I’m sure you can get me the best deals on whatever is being peddled this time around; I’m sure that iPad I won is awesome… thank you for your get rich quick schemes and your self-improvement promises.  Yes, I could stand to lose 40 pounds; and yes, my memory isn’t what it used to be.  Thank you, but your constant bombardment is fucking infuriating… so please stop.

I’m looking for meaningful content, for things generated by a real, live human being… stuff with heart… stuff with soul… stuff with a nice tune you can dance to.  It doesn’t have to be earth-shaking, but it does have to be genuine.  If you have that, I’ll take all you can dish out… otherwise, please pass my inbox by.  Don’t tweet me your advertisements, and don’t plaster your shit up on my wall.  Fuck off, and leave room for the good stuff.



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