NaNoWriMo 2013, Day 4

Feast your eyes on this shit:

Screenshot 2013-11-04 22.35.48


I’m rolling along a bit better than I expected.  This is good because I had a lot of anxiety going into the challenge this year… I may have already mentioned that.  I’m still in good spirits, but then it’s only day 4… plenty of time for the pain and doubt to set in.

I did something really unconventional for me this year — I’m sharing my progress with friends, which is a lot like stripping naked in front of them and asking them to comment on what they see… I can guarantee you it wouldn’t be pretty for them or me.  This way, though, they’re only being exposed to my awkward attempts at art rather than the gory realities of a 40+ year old body. Cringe…  I’m not soliciting feedback from them because the writing is in a very raw state, but they’re free to comment if they like… Mostly I just want them to keep me honest and moving forward; to light a fire under my ass if I begin to lag behind.  I think it’s a grand idea.

Remember, you can still donate to the cause here; it’s only money, people.



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