NaNoWriMo 2013, Day 7; or, Mutha-f*ckin’ Wi-Fi!!!

Yesterday: NaNoWriMo 2013, Day 7, almost became the day Dan destroyed the wireless router.  I’m doing this unconventional thing (for me, anyway) where I’m writing my novel this year in Google Drive.  Last night was the last time I’ll be doing that.  I’d just settled into an nice pace (another unconventional thing for me: I’m writing in sprints rather than writing for hours on end without breaks… last year, my wrists really suffered for it, so no mas), when I got hit with the “You’re Offline” message, and my changes (everything I’d typed for a solid half hour) wouldn’t save automatically like Google Drive documents normally do.  I have the Google Drive folder on my taskbar, too, and that one grayed-out and indicated that it was “Unable to Sync.”  Needless to say, I just about shit myself.

I should have expected it considering that Days 1-6 had gone so well: I was averaging well over 2500 words a day, and my total word count was up over 16,000 by the time I quit for the night on Day 6.  I should have known… I was tempting fate.  Around Day 4 I had a notion that I should save a back up copy of the novel in progress in Scrivener just in case some funky shit happened… like losing my internet connection.  This is the danger of Hubris, and where many have been smote before me.  I got into my writing, and completely blew off the back-up.

I don’t know what possessed me to update my word count right before the internet connection issue started last night — I can’t tell you by what force my hand was moved to jump over to the NaNoWriMo dashboard and enter the measly 1800, or so, words I had produced by that time… around 9:45 PM.  Around 9:48 PM, my Google Nexus dropped the Wi-Fi connection and I was just getting ready to make another 30 minute writing sprint from 10:00 – 10:30… I was completely derailed.  Even worse, I had no access to my work.  I got a message saying, “The Google Drive App is not available.”

No kidding, I spent the next hour trying to resolve the issue.  By 10:40, I was getting spotty signal reception and I was able to get in to Google Drive and download a .docx version of my work.  This I converted to .RTF (don’t ask me why I didn’t just download it as a .RTF to begin with… I wasn’t thinking… I was one “Resolving Host” message away from going Incredible Hulk: SMASH!!!).  I then imported the file into Scrivener; finally yielding to the “Universe” which apparently wanted me to create that back up copy I was meaning to get around to for a few days… and then I went to bed.  I’m leaving stuff out, I know I am; but I was seeing “red,” man… I was ready to go berserk, and that makes my recollection a bit holey.

At any rate, I think I learned my lesson.  I like Google Drive.  I like Google Drive a lot, and I use it a lot; and it’s not that product which failed on me.  We just switched ISPs  a few weeks ago, and this is the first hiccup I’ve encountered with them, however, I don’t entirely blame them either.  This was a Karma crash; a god smack; and a coincidental alignment of unfortunate circumstances… call it what you will, I’ll call it this: the remedy for a bit too much pride.  This was my reminder to keep my eyes on the road, and not on the prize; to watch the doors and corners, because that’s where the unpleasant surprises always await you.  I offer this to you, my dear peeps and fellow Wrimos, as a cautionary tale.  Run your back-ups…. do it now.



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