NaNoWriMo 2013, Day 16; or Break on Thru to the Other Side

Half the month is now officially behind me and I’ve only got a little more than 13,000 words to go.  I’m going to have to wrap up this story to fit the 50K target number, but then I intend to continue writing until the story is complete.  These are two different manifestations of the same novel: one to satisfy the NaNoWriMo challenge criteria, and the other to meet my obligation to the story and its characters; and to the handful of readers who have been following along as I’ve been writing.

Some among you might ask: who cares?  NaNoWriMo operates on the honor system, and no one is checking to see if I wrote a complete story or if I simply turned in a document with the word “ass” written on it 50,000 times.  The answer to the question is, of course: I care.  I’m a stickler for fair play, and I believe in the “honor” portion of the honor system… and these days, I guess that makes me a bit of an aberration… or perhaps even an antique.  The rules of NaNoWriMo are simple and few, and as a voluntary participant I feel its my duty to abide by the rules.  It may sound old-fashioned, but cheaters only cheat themselves… especially in a challenge like this, because a cheater would only be cheating his/herself.

I upped the ante for myself this year by inviting a few friends along for the ride, and it’s been nice to receive feedback as I go along.  When November is over, I’ll actually be ahead in the revision phase because I already have some specific places in the story to target.  This has really worked out well, but it’s a lot to ask of people to take time out of their busy schedules to read something that often time amounts to ten pages of incoherent babble.  Their charge is easy, I think; and, hopefully, entertaining… my gratitude abounds, believe me.  It’s one way to keep oneself honest though; create a simple scenario of accountability and wait for the messages filled with encouragement or the occasional whip-crack to appear.  It’s worked thus far…

Hard to believe the month is already half over… Back to work.



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