NaNoWriMo 2013, Day 22; or Nearly in the Bag

I’ll be done tomorrow.  I’m ready for a break.  This allergy/cold/cosmic torture bullshit is just frustrating and annoying, and it’s keeping me from enjoying my writing…  This is where I’m at right now:

click to enlarge
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There will be a happy dance tomorrow.  It will be an awkward dance because… well… that’s how I dance.  After the happy dance, I’ll get right back to work because the novel will be finished, but it won’t be done.  There’s a lot of refinement that needs to take place, and this year I’m not waiting until after December so I can get completely lazy and never get around to it.

One quick anecdote before I go: an acquaintance at work who heard I was participating in NaNoWriMo asked me for some pointers to pass along to her daughter who has aspirations of being a writer.  I gave her the same advice I gave my bestie not that long ago…

“In order to be a writer one must write… there is no other way. The real challenge is getting ass in chair and making yourself do it. Distractions abound… temptations abound… but in the end, you have to write to be a writer.”  I added to this the idea that she should encourage her kid to read widely… both good and bad writing, and to learn how to tell the difference.  I should have added the caveat that the process is unique and proprietary to each individual, and that books and seminars about writing should be gleaned for the stuff you can use, and that the rest of that shit can be discarded.  Hmm… I’ll just send her a link to this post.

Okay… I’m ready for sleep…



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