Geek out!

A few days ago I got very excited to see that Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced the release dates for the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition rules set. The $20 Starter Set comes out soonest: July 15th, and will be what I hoped it would be — a primer for the more in depth game.


$20 is not a bad price to pay to give something like D&D a try.

If you really like the game enough, you can shell out $50 on August 19th when the Player’s Handbook is released.


The Monster Manual lands in September (17th… not on a Tuesday like the other books which is odd…), and will set you back another fifty bones.


Finally, the unabashed dorks (like me) have to wait until November 18th to give up another $50 and get their sweaty, Cheetos-dust caked hands on The Dungeon Master’s Guide.


If $150 isn’t enough of an investment for you, rest assured that WotC will release a gamut of supplements to further drain the wallets of nerds and geeks everywhere.

I’m happy that WotC/Hasbro decided to keep the classic “trio of rulebooks” format for the “One Edition to Rule Them All,” though I suspect they won’t make an enormous dent in Pathfinder’s popularity — too many contemporary RPG players see 3.5 as the definitive edition (just as the grognards see 1E as the definitive edition), although D&D Next/5E makes a distinct move back toward the 3.5 rules (at least that’s what I noticed from the D&D Next playtest) and puts in distance from the 4E rules which, as I’ve mentioned before, are pretty much reviled.  Whatever!  I just want to play…

All of this tasty new-ness is spearheaded by the Tyranny of Dragons story line for the Forgotten Realms, and that’s going to span all of Dungeons & Dragons’ media venues plus it will include the launch of a series of minis from WizKids.  Like I mentioned earlier… more opportunities to spend money… and for fun, of course.


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