I Just Have to Get This One Thing Off My Chest…

I dislike social networking.  There, I said it.  Cast your stones now.

I find it both intrusive and time-wasting… but not utterly without utility.  I’m not going to rant at length about my distaste for Facebook, in particular; the people who know me well already know that I’m not a huge fan of what I consider an extension of the “in-crowd” popularity system… otherwise known to me as “total bullshit”; a great, big distraction and a nuisance.  Facebook is not without its uses, however — many businesses, particularly the small and/or mobile variety, have used it to great success to market their wares and grow their business where they might not have otherwise had the capability to do so.  People have used Facebook to connect with others with whom they might have otherwise lost contact… people have even found long-lost family members and friends through various social networking platforms and made meaningful re-connections.  Shit, revolutions have been fomented via Facebook, so it has my grudging respect for that reason alone.

Social networks are powerful communication tools, just like the World Wide Web itself — quite possibly the single, greatest communication system ever built by humankind… and people use it to bully and taunt one another, shame one another, post tasteless pictures of themselves in compromising positions, share porn, and cause mayhem in a manner in which only humanity can…  I’m afraid that social networking is becoming or has become the “opiate of the masses” although many far more important people than I said that about chat rooms and online gaming and Second Life and all the other garbage that’s come before.  I don’t like social networking, but it’s a necessary evil and a bit of an equalizer when you’re creating a product or service as an independent.  It’s often the voice of the unknown creative soul toiling in anonymity (that, by the way, is not me… I’m talking about people who have real talent).  Meaningful person-to-person contact… “analog contact” as the nerds would say… is becoming increasingly rare in this day and age where people sit across from each other at the dinner table and text to one another rather than engage in a conversation.

I’m a bit of hypocrite, I must admit… I do use social networking.  I’m more a fan of Twitter than I am of Facebook, and I do maintain a network of friends (and other people) through various social networking outlets.  I still prefer to meet up with my friends somewhere face-to-face to break bread, quaff a few drinks, laugh at some stupid jokes… or gather around the table to play a table top RPG rather than some MMORPG rife with douche bags and griefers.  I guess that makes me old fashioned…  Maybe it’s because I recently celebrated the 21st anniversary of my 21st birthday… I dunno…  I’m stone sober, so this isn’t an alcohol induced rumination… it’s just something that’s been on my mind.  Hmm…  I dislike social networking…

Ironically, this post will putt to Twitter when I publish it… and then to Facebook… Hmm…


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