Thoughts on This Memorial Day, and Something For Your Viewing Pleasure

I think we should everyday honor the people who gave their lives so that we could be free, the ones who died defending us, regardless of each of our respective politics.  I have my issues with compulsory patriotism and the “I love my country, how about you?” hog shit, and that this day has been turned into an excuse to entice people to shop,  but the fact of the matter is: someone gave his or her life to make mine better, and I just refuse to be a dick about that.  To the fallen soldiers, both men and women, thank you.

Tomorrow, this happens:


Please support this show if you’re so inclined; I would certainly appreciate it (I’d like the show to be on for a good, long while), and I’m pretty sure Mr. Wheaton would appreciate it as well (I imagine he’d like the show to be on for a good, long while too).  This is particularly important for us geeks because success here may mean networks will be more inclined towards creating programming that’s targeted to us… I mean, good programming… not like the CW.  I lifted the image from Wheaton’s site, and you can see it in its original context and with the accompanying text by going here.

I’m pretty stoked about how SyFy is reinventing itself.  If you weren’t already aware, they are developing a TV series based on James S. A. Corey’s Expanse series of novels; ten episodes worth to start.  I, of course, need less distractions so I can write more… but, ah what the hell?


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