Some Quick Thoughts on the Premiere of The Wil Wheaton Project

It was a good start.  The show was funny, and Wheaton was an engaging host; sardonic and witty, but not over the top.  The cameo by Chris Hardwick was certainly a bonus – the two have known each other for many years and were roommates at one time.  In fact, they’re so funny together you should watch them playing the Dragon Age tabletop RPG on Wheaton’s other show, TableTop (and part 2).  I hope The Wil Wheaton Project lasts a good, long time and that SyFy continues to invest in quality programming that appeals to the geek-set, like me!  Like, us!  If you don’t follow Wil Wheaton’s blog and didn’t get to see the outtakes he posted there, I submit the following to you for your viewing enjoyment, and which I must admit made me giggle with glee:

I’ve been a big fan of “bloopers” since I was a kid; it was one of those things that my grandfather really enjoyed and I have fond memories of sitting in front of the TV with him, watching various blooper shows, and laughing our heads off.  Once you’ve digested the outtake reel, check out The A.V. Club’s recap of the WWP first episode.  Cheers!


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