On the Death of Jay Lake…

Science fiction and fantasy author Jay Lake died on June 1 after a nasty battle with cancer.  I’ve never read any of Lake’s books (several of them are in my piles of stuff to read), but I followed his Twitter and occasionally read his blog.  My own cousin died from complications of cancer back in May, and a close friend’s father was recently and suddenly taken by the disease as well; so Lake’s death touched a raw, exposed nerve.  I have nothing but sincere condolences for his family and friends; he’s at peace and no longer suffering, and the living are the ones who have to remain behind and make sense of the world without the person(s) we love and care for.

Here is a link to Lake’s Fantastic Fiction page in case you’d like to peruse his bibliography.  At the library where I work, Lake’s books flew off the shelf before my coworkers were able to put up an “In Memorium” display for him.


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