Happy Independence Day

I hope everyone is having a pleasant and safe Independence Day (if you’re not in the States, I hope you’re having a pleasant and safe day as well).  I’m spending my holiday weekend reading the D & D 5th edition Basic Rules which were made available yesterday on the D&D website as a free download.  What?!  You didn’t get the rules yet?  Get them here: D & D 5th Edition Basic Rules

I have to wait until July 15th to receive the D & D Starter Set I pre-ordered (someone I know already got his…

2014-07-04 21.12.08

Lucky duckie!)  If you’re not familiar with @graphicgeekis, aka @freddylopez, you should check out his webpage and get familiar, his artwork is amazing… Did I say “amazing?”  I meant, AMAZING!  And, he’s a super-nice dude.  Go here and tell him I sent you: Art of Freddy Lopez Jr.

I have a more robust post in the works, and I may or may not get that out tomorrow… it just depends on whether or not I can tear myself away from my reading.  Anyhoot… Enjoy the holiday weekend, eat some barbecue, drink some beer, blow something up (nothing major, now… let’s all play nice together), and have a good time with good people… but ultimately, give at least some thought to the importance of the freedom and the privilege we enjoy and celebrate today.



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