Dan Garcia resides in San Antonio, Texas, in a household ruled by a dog and a cat.  These benign overlords allow Garcia, his wife, and two daughters to live with them so long as they are served unquestioningly.  The dog and cat compel Garcia to write stories of imaginative fiction and fantasy; their rationale being: the potential for supplementary income from the sale of these stories means the possibility of more treats and toys for them.  Thus, when not at work at the San Antonio Public Library, Garcia is permitted to craft his tales despite the fact that this activity limits his availability for scratching and petting.  Hell-Kind (working title) is Garcia’s first novel which he was allowed to type because of his opposable thumbs and agile digits; the dog and cat did all of the actual heavy-lifting for the story, and are not particularly concerned with receiving credit for the book.

New blog postings appear here on Fridays… every Friday… no kidding… unless space debris falls on his head… in which case the post might be a tad late…


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